Balaji Manpower Solutions, serves both large and small organizations/individuals through their brands "Experitize Manpower" and "Right Management" by working on certain principle with "Right Candidate" at the "Right Time". We assign a member of our team as a Single point of Contact / Account Manager to work in partnership with you to assure you our service and complements for your business systems and family. We provide a flexible service that will respect your preferences systems and methods of working. We are the one of the best manpower Solutions in Mumbai and Maharashtra. Balaji Manpower Solutions,is committed to create meaningful, sustainable employment by getting people Ready for Work, helping them stay relevant by Skilling Up and improving diversity in Integrated and Inclusive workplaces. Meaningful and Sustainable Employment Has the Power to Change the World... Balaji Manpower Solutions,includes Coaching, Assessment and upskilling opportunities and no cost college degree courses for associates with ambitions to move on and move up.. Domestic Household We offer services in Mumbai and Maharashtra and most of our efforts vary from home to home the most-awaited solutions to the problems of both Commercial and Non-Commercial sectors. We Provide Maid Services, Cooking-shefs and all other kinds of staff for household work like housemaid, cook male/female, servant, baby care, governess, patient care (male/female), Professional Driver, Office Staff across India. We have all experienec candidate. We have list of satisfied customers who trust our service. We have experienced candidates who gives satisfaction and best results.


Our Work


    Every parent in the world wants to take the Best Care of their children or toddlers in every possible condition whether when they are near or far away from their child. When both mother and father are working in a family, and there is no one to care for their children or infant, then babysitters prove to be a helping hand in that case.
    Child care is the action or skill of looking after children by a day-care center, babysitter, or other providers.Governess is a girl, lady, or woman employed to teach and train children in private which takes charge of a child's upbringing.


    We delivered quality Health Care services for Individuals, Families and Senior Citizens. As parents take care of their children with love and affection in their childhood, parents also need the same warmth, love, and attention in their old age.
    However there are many instances when our loved ones (elders or physically unfit members from the family) require taking care of them and their needs with the proper attention or guidance which became an important task to us, however due to the fast-active lifestyle we could not sustained it.
    In such a case the best way to turn towards for Patient Care / Nursing services thru Female or Male Patient Care as we serve our services in Mumbai and all over in Maharashtra.


    n present date, almost every person of our family does work to support the family and its requirements in a better way; hence family members follows a strict schedule to keep a balance between both household and professional activities, to stay happy in respective personal and working life.
    But many times we find it difficult to manage between both home and professional life and this cause many reasons including professional commitments and health issues as well. Here we need a time and a helping hand to help us in our day to day household activity.
    Maids perform typical Domestic Chores such as Ironing, Washing Clothes, Cleaning Utensils, House Mopping, House Dusting and Floor Mopping. We provide services in Mumbai and all over in Maharashtra.


    Food is an essential element of our life because everything we do is due to the energy provided by it. Therefore, the food we take should be complete nutritious diet, well cooked. This result we get full nutrients to our body, brain, and muscles work properly.
    Food helps us to protect us from dangerous diseases and thereby increasing our immunity power. We should take cooked food every day to stay fit, happy and healthy. If you too are one among those working persons, then you need not to worry about your food now. That’s because you can get the cooked food in your home with the help of home cooks which we provide through our services in Mumbai and all over in Maharashtra.


    We all love to travel from place to place, and it doubles the fun when you have your own vehicle with Professional Drivers and when the journey is long or you are travel on a daily basis at this point you need a helping hand for your driving and for your better meant. We provide professional driver services in Mumbai and all over in Maharashtra for almost driving needs such as daily driving, temporary driving, permanent driving, for any special occasion, event, etc.


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